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Treatment of recurrent right parietal meningioma using Elekta Synergy

Patient history and diagnosis:

A 51 year-old male presented with enlarging lump on the top of his head, a short history of increasing headaches and some numbness affecting his left limbs. He also had bilateral blurring of the optic disc but no long tract deficits. A CT scan showed a large right parietal parafalcine mass and MR angiogram confirmed obstruction of the anterior and middle parts of the superior sagittal sinus. The tumor was removed leaving a large skull defect which was later closed with a titanium cranioplasty in November 2001. Histology showed an atypical meningioma with numerous mitosis. The patient had a recurrence of this tumor in December 2002 which was eventually resected again in May 2004. Further surgery was required in November 2004 for a recurrence posteriorly, after which the patient was referred for post-operative radiation therapy in view of his rapid recurrence.

Radiation Therapists:

Michelle Duffy, Julie Davies, Claire McCarthy, Julie Stratford

Radiation Oncologist:

Dr. H. R Gattameneni

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