Healthcare professionals

Treatment of left atrium myxoid sarcoma using Elekta Synergy

Patient history and diagnosis

A 37 year-old female developed right-sided chest pain which rapidly worsened and lead to the patient’s collapse. A cardio echo scan revealed cardiomegaly with a filling defect in the left atrium extending through to the left ventricle. The patient went on to have open-heart surgery, where a tumor arising in atrial septum was discovered measuring 6cm x 3cm. Histology revealed the tumor to be a pleomorphic high-grade myxoid sarcoma. The initial concern was to gain local control of the disease, and taking into consideration the patient’s age and otherwise excellent physical health, a course of radiation therapy was planned. The intention was to deliver a reasonable dose of radiation to a limited volume of the heart.

Radiation Therapists:

Claire McCarthy, Michelle Duffy, Julie Davies, Julie Stratford

Radiation Oncologist:

Dr. J. Wylie

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