Healthcare professionals

Westminster Health Forum keynote seminar

Cancer Partners UK’s chief medical officer, Prof Karol Sikora, will be speaking at the Westminster Health Forum on Tuesday, 1st July 2014.

The CPD certified senior-level keynote seminar is entitled Next steps for cancer care: commissioning, integration, research and improving outcomes, and will provide the opportunity for delegates to discuss the commissioning and delivery of cancer care in the reformed NHS.



As Cancer Partners UK grow, so do the employment opportunities

We are very pleased that due to our continued success we have been busy recruiting and are still recruiting for a number of positions within Cancer Partners UK.



Providing Quality Education For Primary Care Professionals

In November, Cancer Partners UK Southampton Centre teamed up with Spire Southampton Hospital to deliver a highly successful, all day educational event entitled 'The Cancer Patient in Primary Care'. The event was specifically organised for those working in the Primary Care sector and was presented by a multidisciplinary team of leading cancer experts from the South Central region.



Cancer Research UK study shows radiotherapy halves the chance of breast cancer returning

Wednesday, 26 October 2011 10:54

The following story about the effect of radiotherapy on breast cancer was reported in the national news this week-end.



Cancer Partner UK’s Medical Director contributes to Lancet Commission report on the spiraling cost of cancer-care

Monday, 26 September 2011 09:15

Cancer Partners UK's Medical Director Professor Karol Sikora was one of 37 contributing authors of a report from the Lancet Oncology Commission entitled "Delivering affordable cancer care in high income countries." which created a great deal of interest and received wall-to-wall media coverage.



Radiotherapy - A radical plan for Britain

Cancer PartnersUK, is lobbying MPs and health officials about the poor state of radiotherapy services in the UK. The company has this month (September 2010) published a comprehensive report, Radiotherapy – A radical plan for Britain, co-authored by Professor Karol Sikora with input from senior oncologists, which demonstrates how the UK has fallen behind with uptake of new technology, such as IMRT and IGRT, but at the same time shows how relatively simple it would be to improve provision across the country.